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Association of West Virginia Solid Waste Authorities

2005 Volunteer of the Year

Curt Keesee

Volunteering to serve on a solid waste authority is a commitment of personal time and energy, for the benefit of your communities and the protection of our environment. The two main rewards that people get from volunteering is satisfaction of seeing positive results and the satisfaction of doing good to improve the quality of life for your fellow citizens. Volunteers are motivated by wanting to make a difference, and their commitment does not stem from the lure of personal gain.

To have effective local land-use planning, not only are volunteers aware of local needs, they contribute local knowledge to community improvements. Volunteers come from all walks of life, offering a wide-range of backgrounds and a broad range of skills, which is crucially important to improvements and positive change in your county or region. As once said by Jefferson Award Winner Alice Sandstrom, Volunteers polish-up the rough spots in our communities.

Tonight's volunteer of the year will join the rank of a few distinguished others who have received this prestigious award including Al Babcock, the late Fredrick Clark and Roger King, Denver Enoch, Bud Weigle, Harry Reiter, Walt Swiger, John Tuckwiller, Sarah Douglas and Alice Hartman.

This years award winner has served on the local solid waste authority for almost 16 years, and during this time has only missed one board meeting. Additionally, this individual is one of the original founders of the Association of West Virginia Solid Waste Authorities and ha s attended all of its annual education conferences from the beginning, as well as, all DNR's Annual Governor's Conferences on the Environment.

This volunteer has been involved in fundraising, has been instrumental in promoting and maintaining a successful recycling program, which in one year alone diverted over 2 million, one hundred thousand pounds of material from disposal in the landfill.

This individual was actively involved in the successful negotiations with a private company to donate one of its buildings to initially recycle tires and plastics, and that same building today serves as the headquarters of the local authority.

Like a beacon shining in the lighthouse, this volunteer has steered the solid waste authority through rough waters in order to establish a solid financial base for future development and implementation of integrated solid waste management programs throughout the county.

Working closely with the other dedicated members of the authority, this persons educational background and skills has contributed handily to the many improvements of its state-of-the-art landfill.

These are only a few of accomplishments of this very special person, a volunteer in every sense of the word, a fellow West Virginian who has always been enthusiastic to protect the environment and help his community, his county and our state.

Ladies an gentlemen it is a great honor to introduce to you, the Volunteer of the Year for 2005, from Greenbrier County and this Associations Treasurer, Mr. Curt Keesee.