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Association of West Virginia Solid Waste Authorities 2002 Volunteer of the Year

John Tuckwiller

This year痴 Volunteer of the Year is a solid waste authority member who was elected the first chairman of his county痴 solid waste authority many years ago and he has continued in that capacity ever since. He was also one of the original founders of your AWVSWA and has served as its chairman also. This volunteer has truly been a beacon in the lighthouse, who has guided his authority through rough waters to continually improve and enhance solid waste management within the county he represents.

At the time his stewardship began, the local landfill was destined to shut-down. It was unlined, leachate was untreated and discharging into a beautiful scenic river. Several hundreds of thousands of dollars were owed on inadequate and unreliable equipment.

Because of his stewardship and uncompromising dedication, that same landfill is now an environmental credit to the county and the community at-large. Environmental tours for school children are routinely conducted at the landfill.

This county痴 solid waste landfill has been recognized by Gov. Wise, as well as former Gov. Underwood and Caperton for its many environmental improvements. Under the leadership of this year痴 volunteer, the authority has constructed an approved composite liner system, constructed a wetland treatment system, erected a sewage treatment plant on-site also for managing leachate,, and installed over three (3) miles of a forced main sewer to discharge the treated liquid from the landfill into the local public service district痴 sewage system, where the leachate is again treated before final discharge into the river.

He has led the way in establishing a solid financial base for future development and implementation of solid waste management programs. He has been steadfast in his commitment to replace all the obsolete and worn out equipment at the landfill. All the equipment is new and now owned by the authority, and a routine replacement schedule has been established.

These are only a few accomplishments of one of your fellow West Virginians , a volunteer in every sense of the word, a citizen who has dedicated himself to protecting the environment and improving the quality of life in the community he loves so dearly.