Recycling Aluminum Cans

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DESCRIPTION: Aluminum beverage cans are still the most profitable recovered material producer, although there is less revenue than in past years. Recycling aluminum beverage cans are also good for the environment. Aluminum cans may be recycled endlessly with no loss of quality to the metal and it takes only 5% of the energy to recycle an old can compared to creating a can out of ore. Our system is setup to handle large or small amounts of flattened or unflattened cans.

QUALITY REQUIREMENTS: Aluminum beverage cans cannot be mixed with any other type of metal, including other aluminum. Beverage cans are made from a different alloy than cast aluminum or aluminum foil and, therefore, must be kept separate. We will purchase most all types of aluminum. We will accept aluminum foil as a donation only. Another contaminate is liquid. Aluminum buyers do not want to pay premium prices for water, so make sure your cans stay dry.

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