Greenbrier County Solid Waste Authority

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The Authority meets at 3:00 p.m. on the third Tuesday of each month at the Greenbrier Recycle Center,
located at 450 Monroe Ave.,Ronceverte WV (old Coca Cola Plant).This meeting is open to the public.
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Owners / Operators of:

Greenbrier County Landfill
P.O. Box 1664 - 480 Landfill Road
Lewisburg, WV 24901
Manager: Kelly Childers
Phone (304) 645-2489
Fax (304) 645-2367
E-mail -


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Greenbrier Recycle Center
450 Monroe Ave.
Ronceverte, WV 24970
Recycling Coordinator: Todd Riggs
Phone: (304) 645-4232
Fax: (304) 645-4232
E-mail -
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Bob J. Bennett, Executive Director - SWANA Certified - Manager of Recycling Systems -Manager of Landfill Operations

Greenbrier County is the second largest county in West Virginia comprising 1,023 square miles. It is situated in the southeastern portion of the state. Greenbrier County borders the state of Virginia to the east, Pocahontas and Webster Counties to the north, Nicholas, Fayette, and Summers Counties to the west and Monroe County to the south. The County is designated as a member of Waste Shed which includes Nicholas, Pocahontas and Webster Counties.

Greenbrier County exemplifies that natural beauty which is West Virginia most valuable asset. To the present, the County has successfully blended agriculture, industry and commerce into the area without appreciably spoiling the scenic beauty and rustic charm of its mountains, valleys and streams. For many, it is a good place to live, work and enjoy nature's bounties.

Municipalities in the County are Alderson, Falling Springs (Renick), Lewisburg, Quinwood, Rainelle, Ronceverte, Rupert, and White Sulphur Springs. Lewisburg is the County seat and the site of the annual West Virginia State Fair. White Sulphur Springs is the home of the World Renown Greenbrier Hotel which is the Countys largest employer.

Residents of the County derive their income from agriculture, tourism, service industries, limestone and coal mining, timbering and timber products, government services, construction and a variety of light industries, several of which are hi-tech.

Income from tourist trade is important to the County's economy, making Litter and Solid Waste Control essential to the economy of the County, as well as to the health of its people.

The Allegheny Mountain range extends across the county, resulting in a topography of rolling valleys and rugged mountain ridges. Elevations vary from 1600 to 4300 feet above sea level. Limestone rich valleys are excellent for farming and grazing, and the mountain slopes are sources of abundant soft and hardwood timber.

At lower elevations, the year-round weather is generally moderate. Late spring and early fall bring delightful periods of bright, sunny days. Summer days are warm too hot, tempered by cool evenings. Harsh winter storms are usually of short duration, and highway personnel perform an outstanding service in clearing ice and snow from the roads.

Numerous pristine streams and creeks begin as springs on the mountainous slopes and empty into the Cherry, Greenbrier and Meadow Rivers. These waterways combine with the large expanse of National and State parklands to provide outstanding tourist attractions and recreational facilities around the County.

Solid Waste Authorities have the following eight duties and powers within the county:

  1. Develop a Comprehensive Litter and Solid Waste Control Plan.
  2. Develop a Recycling Plan as a component of the Comprehensive Litter and Solid Waste Control Plan.
  3. Develop a Commercial Solid Waste Facility Sitting Plan.
  4. Promote and encourage source reduction, reuse and recycling actitivies.
  5. Identify and prioritize open dumps within the county.
  6. Issue certificates of site approval for commercial solid waste facilities.
  7. Coordinate public and private sector solid waste activities.
  8. Implement a mandatory disposal program.

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